To keep unwanted odours at bay, and to give yourself a strong scent throughout your day, it’s vital you invest in a good mens deodorant. Whilst you could go for something from the supermarket, that will only mean you end up smelling like every other man on the street. To help highlight your individuality and make you stand out from the crowd, The Modern Man stocks a selection of luxury mens deodorants, designed to tackle sweat and odours whilst providing you with an elegant fragrance.

Whilst we stock a few aerosol-style deodorants, we find many of our brands prefer to stick with the classic roll-on style. These come with many benefits, both for you and the wider world. Not only is application easier for you, with none being wasted in the air, it means you’re doing your bit to help the planet by cutting down on hazardous waste. You’ll likely find roll ons last longer too, given the more efficient application.

What helps separate our deodorants from the norm is they tackle and eradicate odour, rather than settling for simply covering it up. This means they don’t have to make their scents overpowering or dominating, but can have fragrances that are subtle and sophisticated, for a more natural feel. We also have a selection of more uniquely applied items, such as deodorising wipes and body washes.

We stock deodorants from some of the biggest names in male grooming, including Anthony Logistics, Bulldog, The Bluebeards Revenge and American Crew, meaning you know you’re getting high performance products from people who truly understand men and their needs.