Leading French skincare brand Osma has been making high-quality shaving products containing natural ingredients for almost 60 years. France is a country renowned for being big on culture, so it's not hard to appreciate that this French brand has a long-standing history of producing shaving products that are as elegant and refined as their mother nation.

Certainly, when it comes to the shaving experience, Osma stands out from the crowd, taking inspiration from traditional methods and formulas that put skincare at the top of the agenda. Many male shaving products available today pay little heed to how they affect the skin. Containing harsh ingredients, many formulas leave skin looking red and agitated, dry or prone to nicks or cuts. Osma shaving products take a more gentle approach, and with soothing ingredients that nurture, care and protect, the skin is less susceptible to the damaging effects caused by shaving.

Osma shaving soap harnesses the health-giving properties of alum, so you can feel confident every time you shave that your skin is being cared for. It's not just the active ingredients that make this product excel, as the soap produces a wonderful rich lather that provides a traditional shaving experience. With hydrating shea butter, the skin is left feeling soft and moisturised, making the Osma shaving soap a must-have for any man that takes pride in creating a clean-cut appearance.

If your skin becomes irritated post-shave, you'll need a product that can stop inflammation, bleeding and soreness in their tracks. The Osma alum block is a number one choice for any man who wants to use a trustworthy product based on a classic formula. Containing soothing alum, this block boasts powerful antiseptic properties that instantly cool and calm troubled skin brought on by shaving. What's more, the Osma alum block not only fights skin irritation but is effective at sealing unsightly nicks and cuts and promoting healing.

Whether you choose Osma for shaving or to protect skin following a shave, this French brand puts the sophistication and elegance back into the shaving process, taking it from being a mundane chore to a satisfying experience.