Shaving Gels

Shaving Gel

Shaving gel sits somewhere in between shave cream and shave oil - it’s consistency is thicker than oil, but retains the translucent appearance. It is slightly thinner than shaving cream, but similarly good for moisturising and is a conditioner on skin. Shave gels at The Modern Man should not be confused with the cheap aerosol ‘gels’ you may see in the local supermarket - they often contain alcohol, which is a sure-fire way to dry out your skin. Our shave gels are designed by premium skincare and male grooming brands, to deliver unbeatable levels of moisture and protection that hydrate with every use.

The Modern Man stocks shave gels from renowned brands such as American Crew, King of Shaves, Anthony Logistics and Recipe For Men. These companies understand men and men’s needs, and have put all their knowledge and experience into creating the best shaving gels using revolutionary ingredients and technology.

One of the main causes of cuts during shaving are air bubbles forming between the skin and the razor blade. The rich lather of a cream, soap or foam is likely to promote these, whilst our moisturising shave gels create much less foam, although still forming a protective barrier over the skin in order to reduce cuts and nicks. Furthermore, many of our shave gels are translucent - this, combined with their low foam formulas, make them ideal for men with styled facial hair, such as goatees or sideburns that they wish to retain, as they enable you to see exactly where you are shaving - perfect in assisting with a clear shave or close shave. However, we understand that modern men's shave routine is unique, so we stock shaving foams, shaving cream and everything in between for every type of shave, whether it be stubble, clean or styled.

When choosing your shaving lubrication, a large part of it comes down to personal preference, so The Modern Man suggests experimenting with a few different types and brands - gels, soaps, and creams - so you can find what works best for you. In our experience though, we’ve found gels prove particularly popular amongst men who use multi-blade cartridge razors to shave, as the gels slick formulas provide the multiple blades with the lubrication they need to glide over the skin. Double Edge and Straight Edge shavers often lean towards the more cushioning texture of a cream or soap, which is handy with the more exposed blade, giving you a smooth shave. Shave gel is also an excellent choice if you have a sensitive skin type or dry skin, as they soften your hair whilst giving the skin a great coat of moisture.

The softer the shave, the less likely you are to suffer with razor burn, skin irritation or razor bumps. Our shaving routine is a part of life and should be an experience, not a chore. To help with this, we stock truly excellent products for pre-shave and post-shave, shaving soap, aftershaves and many more shaving toiletries that you'll love. For those with ultra sensitive skin, we also stock shaving products with all natural ingredients and all the accessories you need to complete your shaving routine.

Some of our bestseller shaving gel products include...

Anthony Shave Gel 177ml - Calms and soothes the moment it reaches the face, packed with slippery elm to soothe the skin. Aloe vera beads fight against the discomfort of shaving. Sea kelp prevents inflammation.

Wahl 5 Star Foaming Shave Gel 200ml - Enriched moisturising formula delivers a professional close shave that nourishes and soothes the skin for reduced irritation. Infused with ozonic, crisp and citrus notes of lemon, the masculine fragrance leaves your face feeling refreshed. Gel works like a cream to allow blade to glide through whilst still moisturising the skin.

Morgan's Shaving Gel 150ml - Helps skin retain moisture and prevents irritation with a clear yet silky gel that allows the blade to glide effortlessly for a more precise, professional shave. Formulated with aloe vera, witch hazel and horse tail plant extracts to help soften and prepare the skin.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Shave Gel 200ml - Specially formulated to minimise red spots for a smooth, close shave. The moisturising formula reduces redness, irritation and razor bumps that commonly occur after shaving. Naturally antibacterial and vegan.

Recipe For Men Clear Shaving Gel 100ml - A cool, friction-free formula. Particularly great for those sporting some facial hair and wanting to clearly see what your trimming. Contains menthol and allantoin to provide a cooling sensation.

American Crew Precision Shave Gel 450ml - You don't need a brush to whip this up, it lathers straight onto your face but remains clear, allowing you to be incredibly accurate when shaving. Features a calming formula the soothes during shaving. A great option for easy shaving.

Come and checkout the wide range of men's shaving gel products we have here on The Modern Man, and upgrade your shaving routine today!