Tinted Moisturisers

Tinted Moisturisers

More and more men are beginning to wear tinted moisturisers or makeup as part of their skincare routine! it is more heard of these days than ever before. Using a tinted moisturiser is a great way to even your complexion, even your pigmentation, protect you from the sun and even keep your face incredibly soft. What's not to love?

At The Modern Man we understand that men new to this world might find it slightly overwhelming deciding which one to go for so we have made it simple by only stocking some of the best selling and trusted brands.

Tinted moisturiser often includes SPF 15, SPF 20 or SPF30 which is brilliant given the fact the sun isn't exactly good for our skin. Its one of the main causes of dark spots, uneven pigmentation and can make us look aged and fatigued. That being said applying suncream directly to your face can feel oily, greasy and too heavy not to mention the breakouts you get from it! By applying a moisturiser with a tint you're evening out these factors, protecting yourself from UVB and UVA rays without the horrible texture.

If you've not tried this before let me put your mind at rest by ensuring the tint within the moisturizer is not strong enough to cake your face for want of a better word or leave your skin an odd colour. They are designed to be easily blendable and match your skin tone. For those with dry skin this might be the answer you have been searching for. If your skin is dry its often easily irriated by face creams, environmental aggressors and blemishes by using a tinted moisturiser day cream you can combat all of these issues in one go. Packed with hydrating, complexion rescue and vitamin ingredients whatever your skin type we have one for you.

Whether you're looking for an oil-free formula to avoid shine and achieve the matte finish you desire or a healthy glow no matter the ingredients, perhaps you need a vegan option? why not check out Colour Of Man , Ultrasun, or the other brands available!