Shaving Cream

Shaving Creams

If you want a close and comfortable shave then you’re going to need a better lather than that provided by the cheap supermarket foam in aerosol cans. You’re going to need a quality shaving cream.

Here at The Modern Man, we stock a wide variety of shaving creams, all specially designed by some of the biggest names in male grooming, such as American Crew, Anthony Logistics, Edwin Jagger and Proraso. They contain premium blends of ingredients, and deliver fine fragrances, as well as the protection and skin care you need to achieve a smooth shave.

A slightly more modern innovation to shaving soap, shaving cream creates just as rich and thick a lather as it’s older brother, and is preferred by many wet shavers for it’s ease of use and the high levels of protection it provides. It still offers the traditional feel and experience, and best results are still achieved by using a quality shaving brush to whip up and apply the lather, but these processes are sped up slightly, thanks to the formulation of shaving cream.

To achieve a rich, thick lather, start by soaking your brush in hot water, so it absorbs plenty of moisture, then apply a dab of cream to the brush and use circular motions to whip up the lather, until it is thick and creamy. Then apply to your face with more circular motions and enjoy a clean shave, with great razor glide and top notch protection.

Beyond the obvious physical natures of the two, the differences between Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap are fairly minimal. However, many shavers find that Shaving Cream offers slightly more protection, due to the cloudier texture of the lather. They also feel a little silkier, which helps blades to glide, and for this reason they’re particularly popular amongst shavers who use Double Edge razors. Another key factor to bear in mind when choosing your product is your skin type - shaving cream lather often retains more moisture than shaving soap, making cream particularly well suited to men with dry skin. However, it is very much a personal choice and The Modern Man recommends you try out a few of each to find what really suits your unique requirements.