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Experience the epitome of refined grooming with D R Harris's exquisite range of products. Established in 1790, D R Harris traces its origins back to St James’s street , London, where it first began as an apothecary and perfumer. They have held a Royal Warrant as Chemists to the Royal Family since 1938, taking immense pride in its British heritage, the brand's longevity is a testament to its unwavering commitment to traditional craftsmanship, which is exemplified in every product bearing the D R Harris name.

D R Harris has been crafting exceptional grooming essentials for the discerning gentleman. With a commitment to uncompromising quality and time-honoured traditions, D R Harris has earned a reputation as a purveyor of luxury , enjoyed by gentlemen worldwide.

Indulge in the art of traditional wet shaving with D R Harris's shaving essentials. From the luxurious and , shaving creams, lotions and to the finely-crafted razors and brushes, each product is meticulously formulated and crafted to deliver an exceptional shaving experience. Immerse yourself in the rich lather, infused with sophisticated fragrances such as coconut, lavender and sandalwood that captures the essence of refinement, allowing you to express your individuality with timeless elegance. With the aid of aromatherapy to your skin/ hair routine, it can boost your mood and have positive affects on bettering your mental health creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The D R Harris website offers a vast selection of meticulously crafted grooming products, catering to every gentleman's needs. From their luxurious shaving essentials, including creams, soaps, razors, and brushes, to their comprehensive skincare range featuring face washes, moisturizers, and toners, D R Harris ensures that every aspect of your grooming routine is covered with unmatched quality and sophistication. Specialties you can find on the website are many selections of deodorant, shower gels, shaving soaps and aftershaves.

One of our bestselling products featured on our website is the . This luxurious elixir is a 100% pure based, odourless almond formula, catering to a multitude of grooming needs, proving itself as an indispensable addition to any discerning gentleman's collection. With its nourishing and moisturising effects, it provides hydration and restores lost moisture to the skin, improving the health of dry and tired skin or hair, and filled to the brim with natural Vitamin E. This product works antioxidant wonders on the skin and can help to strengthen and condition hair fibres, and can act as versatile product to use for massaging or work as a beard oil for those with facial hair.

Others include our , designed for men who want to eradicate underarm odour without resorting to smothering antiperspirants, accompanied by a truly masculine scent, the stick marries modern skincare knowledge with classic ideals for a product of timeless efficiency. As well as that, we also have our incredible shaving bowls including the , the sturdy mahogany bowl allows the shaving experience to be even more engaging, while the sandalwood scent's blend of spicy bergamot and stimulating eucalyptus will make the feeling last throughout the day. Try the , a soothing balm for the skin that applies with ease and provides an instantaneous calming effect on areas of irritation. Fragranced with arlington, the milk's refreshing and classy blend of citrus and fern serves as a means of getting modern, high quality relief.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance and unmatched quality of D R Harris products. Embrace the brand's rich heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, and uncompromising standards. With D R Harris, every aspect of your grooming routine becomes an opportunity to embrace refinement, sophistication, and the pursuit of the extraordinary. With each product exuding British luxury and attention to detail, further information can be located on the D R Harris website, a haven for gentlemen seeking a complete grooming experience that reflects their impeccable taste.