Hair Removal

More and more men are no longer embracing the viking or cave man look but lets be honest hair growth is a part of life. We are caring more about our appearance every day and the first step in doing that is discovering your new look, or maintaining it depending how new to this thought process you are. Hair removal can be a scary thing, the anticipation of how it will look when the locks are gone is both terrifying and exciting, but these days its not just the hair on your head that's unwanted hair, ears, noses even chests and backs are going bald. The Modern Man hair removal category breaks down these needs easily so you can understand exactly what you need to do first.

For the brave man, waxing might seem like the easiest option to rid the body hair. Zeos For Men can help with that. We offer paper wax strips, roll on wax refills and an entire waxing kit. Suitable for underarms, and sensitive areas so you can achieve your look easily.

Finding the right hair removal method can be tricky, it depends on the area your trying to rid hair from. Shaveworks add a sense of occasion to your shaving routine, ok shaving isnt as long lasting as waxing and the regrowth begins pretty much straight after your shave, however you get close results on those areas you perhaps are brave enough for the wax and its mostly pain free. Offering shave gel lotion, base perfection and a get smooth duo pack you can put your trust in Shaveworks to get the job done. Maybe you're a stubble guy who likes to use a trimmer to shape that facial hair?Edwin Jagger can most certainly help! Elegance is key to Edwin Jagger shaving, focused on precision and their vintage feel razors don't make an eyesore in front of your bathroom mirror.

For the smaller areas of hair, we haven't forgotten about you. Billion Dollar Brows and Dovo have a lovely collection of hair removal tools for those tricky areas. By that i mean your brow and nose hairs that require plucking or a trim rather than a shave. Discover tweezers, clippers, shavers and hair removal creams that you'll love!

Whatever hair removal device you wish to use we have something for you! followed by luxurious pre and post shave creams, lotions and balms for all skin types from a selection of niche brands. Sensitive skin types may want to go for SA.AL&CO for their use of natural and organic ingredients. Check out the range and say goodbye to the viking you and hello to hair-free!