Occupying an important place in English grooming history, Morgan's has been catering to the stylish and fashion-conscious male since 1873. Combining traditional values with the latest technologies, Morgan's offers a high quality range of essential items for the contemporary man's grooming kit, each one engineered specifically for men's hair and skin care needs.

Starting modestly in a kitchen, the firm's first product was a shampoo, quickly followed by the famous Morgans High Shine Pomade. From the beginning, the pomade has been integral to the success of Morgans hair products, and it has become popular in many countries for making hair more manageable and lustrous. At the same time, its darkening properties are renowned for the ability to restore grey or mature hair to youthful vibrancy.

Used over a period of three to four weeks, Morgans Pomade will darken greys, and its nourishing formula enlivens and adds moisture to hair, while controlling and shaping it. Suitable for all types, the pomade is enriched with Vitamin E and wheat germ, which helps give life to brittle and dry hair, as well as contributing to a healthy scalp.

Morgans hair products also include a large array of Stong Hold Gel, serums and sprays to impart a polished look. Additionally, there are formulations for maintaining beards and moustaches. Shaving is central to the modern man's grooming rituals, and Morgan's waxes, creams and oils are designed to ensure a smooth finish and thorough sprucing of all facial hair. Prepared to the highest standards, the products contain natural, healthy ingredients that are easy to wash out.

Six generations on, its original pomade is still a bestseller, but Morgan's has also diversified with a large variety of cleansing, conditioning and revitalising treatments, to rejuvenate the face and body and minimise the ageing effects of time and environment. A family-run company, Morgan's remains true to the principles of excellence, integrity and value that made its original pomade so successful.