Face Peels

Its crazy how fast the skincare industry is growing especially in the male grooming world. Men are now much more open to trying new products and putting a lot more effort into their appearance than they perhaps would of done 10 years ago. One of the products to come out of this ever expanding trend is face peels. A face peel is designed to clear your skin of impurities like dead skin cells and improve cell turnover which will make you feel and appear youthful and fix uneven skin tone. With a peel out there for all skin types created by trusted brands The Modern Man have carefully chosen a range of chemical peels, natural peels and everything in between.

Our range of peels includes ingredients like retinol to aid anti-aging, glycolic acid, lactic acids, hylauronic acid and beta hydroxy acid. A peel isnt just good for anti-ageing but improving the texture of your skin, your skin elasticity, sun damage such as dark spots and pigmentation and many more. Facial peels act as a cleanser however they can be intense so it is important to check how often you should be using them.

Those with sensitive skin or dry skin may want to avoid certain ingredients in their peel due to the peels covering your face, this may cause skin concerns such as blemish or irritation. That being said a peel can minimise breakouts, provide spf sunscreen protection to your skin and also be used as an exfoliator. If a peel is used correctly and you have chosen a suitable one for your skin type then you'll experience it as an exfoliant, a toner giving you an even complexion as our selection of peels include brightening ingredients and a moisturiser. As well a better skin texture and reduced fine lines. Our best selling brand of peels is Dr Dennis Gross alongside Zelens and Radical.

If a face peel isnt appealing to you, why not check out our range of face masks,face scrubs or even facial serums