Merkur are bona fide masters of the wet shave. These German masters create seriously stylish safety razors, straight razors and shaving accessories combining style with substance for men’s razors that get the job done, and then some. Whilst many shaving companies are happy settling for creating one or two razors, Merkur have created and built over two dozen. This multitude of products allows Merkur to really gear their double edge razors to different tasks, different specialities and, most importantly of all, different men.

One of the most obvious differences between Merkur’s range of razors is the design. Whilst the classic Merkur is an all-over chrome finish, they also branch out into striking black handles, luxurious gold, and even dazzling red. Furthermore, they have created handle designs that you won’t find in any other company’s range with curved, chunky and thin handles, allowing modern men to find the safety razor that fits their hand perfectly.

Merkur have also brought a touch of the future to this most traditional and authentic method of shaving, Discover the range of premium shavers with the Merkur Futur which features an innovative adjustable head so you can find the perfect angle to shave at. It’s the little things which really set Merkur apart in the double edge razor market, with items such as their detailing razor being unheard of outside of this iconic German brand. It allows you precise control over your facial hair style, allowing modern men to achieve the exact look they’re after.

As well as their razors, Merkur also make shaving brushes, bowls and stands, meaning you can get the very best out of your shave. Say goodbye to shaving stress and hello to a close shave! Shop the range now! You can expect to see bestsellers like Heavy Duty Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor the Black Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor and so much more!