Merkur: Unleash the Power of Precision

Established in 1896 in Solingen, Germany, Merkur has always held true to its core values of quality, innovation, and tradition. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every meticulously crafted razor and shaving accessory we produce. Each product is a masterpiece, blending German engineering prowess with a passion for delivering the perfect shave.

Merkur's dedication to sustainability is reflected in our approach to manufacturing. We embrace eco-friendly practices, and our products are designed to stand the test of time, reducing the need for constant replacements and minimizing waste. Crafted with care, our razors become lasting companions on your grooming journey.

Our range of razors caters to all preferences, whether you seek a classic double-edge safety razor or a modern, adjustable model. The pursuit of ultimate performance drives us to select only the finest materials, ensuring durability, precision, and a comfortable grip for an effortless shaving experience.

Checkout some of our bestsellers for the Merkur safety razors below!

, an assembly of four unique products that'll look gorgeous on any grooming enthusiast's shelf. Compiling a stand, razor and brush, with each possessing a reflective chrome finish, the items are perfectly offset by a clouded glass bowl for a truly modern and high quality assembly.

, Possessing a thinner handle than traditional brushes, the Future gives more targeted and precise lathering with a beautiful chrome finish. It also improves your grip, with the indented groove ensuring you'll never have to fear dropping your brush in the wettest of conditions.

, pen toothed for thicker beards, the hexagonal, nickel-plated handle would look incredible on any wet shaver’s. Length: 8cm Weight: 69g

, An elite, gold plated shaver, the razors handle turns and lets you pick your perfect shaving angle, giving plenty room for experimentation and discovery.

, Gorgeously styled with a chrome and black resin finish, the razor is compiled of three lightweight pieces that allow for simple and easy blade replacement. Length: 10.5cm Weight: 65g

, Made from only the highest quality stainless steel and individually wax-wrapped to maintain precision, Merkur Super Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades have been the choice of many traditional shavers for years.

As you embark on your grooming journey with Merkur, you become part of a tradition that honours the art of shaving and elevates it to a luxurious experience. Embrace innovation and discover the epitome of grooming excellence with Merkur – your trusted companion for a lifetime of luxurious grooming experiences.

We believe that your face deserves only the finest treatment when it comes to shaving, so why not check out the entire Merkur range, as well as other shaving accessories such as aftershave, shaving soap and shaving cream here on The Modern Man.