Through its range of high-quality products, Dovo delivers traditional wet shaving shaving for men who want a truly authentic experience.

On average, a man will devote more than 3,000 hours to shaving during his lifetime. Although shaving facial hair goes back to before recorded history, we know that the Egyptians were almost as fanatical about shaving as we are. They saw it as both hygienic and a fashion statement.

The practice of shaving was also popularised back in ancient Greek and Roman times, when soldiers were advised to cut their hair and beards so that enemies could not grab hold of them during man-to-man combat. This saw the birth of the barber, a professional artisan who used specialist equipment to shave and cut the hair of his clients. Some societies regarded barbers as important as doctors and high officials. Societies that did not follow this grooming procedure were later named barbarians, meaning un-barbered.

Today, with Dovo products, every man can be his own professional groomer armed with his own top-of-the-range specialist equipment. We supply world-beating products, along with our subsidiaries such as Merkur and Fontana, that even the ancient Egyptians would have been proud of.

For shaving of the highest quality, the Dovo straight razor's or Dovo shavettes come in a variety of styles such as Ebony Straight Razor 6/8 Inch 26810, Dovo Tortoise Shell Straight Razor 5/8 Inch 1516580 and Pearlex Straight Razor 5/8 Inch 985810 each with a highly-tempered steel blade for maximum strength, elasticity and resistance to wear.

For manicure and pedicure grooming, we also supply the discerning customer with Dovo clippers and the robust and elegant nail set, all handmade by quality craftsmen in Solingen, Germany. The range of nail grooming products extends from gift set ideas perfect for travel to simple clippers such as Nail Clippers in Black Leather Pouch 217016 or Travel Razor Set in Brown Leather Pouch 575056.