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Whether he’s travelling up and down the country, or jet-setting around the globe, the modern man wants to be able to look his best, no matter where in the world he is. If it’s a holiday you’re on, then you want to look great for all those photos, not to mention to impress the locals. And if your trip is strictly business, you’ll be wanting to keep your appearance in tip top shape, ensuring that you’re looking as smart and suave as ever.

For these reasons, The Modern Man is building up a selection of travel products and accessories, so that modern men can have anything they need whilst travelling. Our stock includes wash bags, which are ideal for you to carry all your essentials in, keeping them safe and separate from your clothes and other belongings. As well as wash bags we also have a travel shaving and razor pack, meaning you can keep your facial hair in check whilst you’re on the go. And for the modern man who loves his music, we have a festival wash kit. It has everything you need to keep yourself looking, feeling, and probably most important, smelling, fresh during a long weekend of tents, bands and warm lager.

Don’t let airline restrictions stop you taking your favourite product. We are selecting miniature versions of some of our biggest brands to ensure you can have the finest products no matter where you are. Whilst we endeavour to ensure our products listed as travel will be allowed on flights, some airline restrictions can vary slightly, so do be sure to check before you get to the terminal!

For those of you who will be having a bit of fun in the sun on your travels, we also have a dedicated sun care section, which we heartily recommend you check out. Proper suncare is vital for protecting yourself against harmful UV rays and sun burn.