The new to skincare brand, Haeckels are revolutionizing the grooming and skincare industry with one key ingredient that the many brands that have come before them have completely failed to recognize as a one of the best natural substances around. Finding natural products has never been easier!

Based in the coastal town of Margate in the East of England, Haeckels have dedicated their product line to displaying the nourishing potential of naturally sourced seaweed. As a completely natural and sustainably sourced ingredient, seaweed is filled with everything the skin needs to stay in peak physical condition. From antioxidants and amino acids to essential minerals and vitamins. This means it can fight off harmful bacteria, prevent damage and inflammation, and help damaged skin to rebuild stronger and healthier than ever.

Haeckels seaweed is hand farmed from the from the coastal beach in Margate just a few steps away from their shop front. There they test and asses it for its stability and nourishing potential, so they can get the best out of each formula. Using local seaweed is a statement to their ethical focus and care for the planet. Whether it's Haeckels Eco Marine Extract Facial Cream 60ml which is perfect for fighting the signs of ageing, or their Eco Marine Hand Balm 50ml which keeps hands soft and protected, each of Haeckels products are formulated to get the best out of their natural ingredients.

Natural skincare is something we are all reaching for these days with more of understanding of the ingredients, well look no further. Another few of their best selling products would be the Natural Lip Balm, perfectly pocket sized and formulated with nourishing beeswax to keep your lips soft and cared for all year around. Or maybe you're looking for something to relax with? why not try the Bladderwrack + Buckthorn Body Cleanser 300ml designed to repair the skin and improve your complexion using antioxidants and vitamins, not to mention the natural fragrance from parsley oil and lavender to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

And if you fancy making your grooming regime a little more indulgent, check out the range of GPS Candle’s. With a range of aromas, from crisp citrus to smokey wood such as Reculver GPS Candle 270g orPluviophile Rain Candle 270g , they are perfect for setting a mood that allows you to make the most out of your daily routine.