Water Bottles

Some people are water lovers, others not so much! it is no secret that we should drink plenty of water and staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and personal care, but with this being said its important to care for the planet as well! Here at The Modern Man we are believers in ditching the plastic bottle and treat yourself to a reusable water bottle.

Our range of drinks bottles includes many different styles from stainless steel bottle to stainless steel with a soft layer over it to hold onto. There are so many benefits of using a reusable bottle for example they're leak proof, stylish and hold more structure than plastic water bottles not to mention eco-friendly. We are now more aware than ever of the danger of our planet and its time we make small changes to save it!

Perfect for lunch boxes, cold drinks, hot drinks and some even dishwasher safe! Why continue using 500ml plastic when you can treat yourself to a bkr litre water bottle that will slide neatly in your rucksacks and make staying hydrated easy.