There are countless different styles and types of facial hair, but here at The Modern Man we have made it our aim to cater to as many as possible. Whether you want the smart look that comes with being clean shaven, the ruggedness of having well-kept stubble, or the wildness of a full beard, we firmly believe that the key to looking the part is a regular and precise grooming regime. Our range of shaving products has been purposefully selected to help you maintain and maximise your look.

First up, choose your weapon. If you’re a cartridge shaving man, then we stock luxury handles to bring an extra touch of class to your shave. For the modern man seeking something a little different, we have a multitude of exquisite double edge razors to give you that classic shaving experience. To go along with them, we have a huge range of double edge blades on offer, of varying sharpness for the perfect wet shave. This allows you to find the perfect combination for your face, hair and skin type, not to mention skill with the blade. For the truly brave who are after a timeless shave, we even offer iconic shavettes and straight edge razors.

When it comes to smooth shaving, we cannot stress enough the importance of correct preparation. Not only will your skin feel softer and the hairs be cut shorter, but correct pre-shave preparation can help reduce discomforts such as irritation razor burn,razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor rash. In order to aid your preparation, we stock a diverse range of Shaving Soaps,, shaving creams, shave gels and shave oils, meaning you can find your new favourite, we even have something for those with the particular needs like sensitive skin or vegan . They’re specially designed to protect the skin, aid the blade, and leave your face feeling irritation free. Our skincare products such as aftershave balms, lotions and fragrances leave your scent feeling fresh to help boost your appeal making for the ultimate post-shave experience.

For our bearded brothers, we have a strong line of beard oils and moustache waxes, helping you keep control of your face fur.

On top of all this, we also stock all essential shaving supplies and accessories, including safety razors,razor blades, disposable razors, shaving bowls, razor stands, and shaving brushes - both synthetic and luxurious badger - allowing you to get the very best out of your shave.