Facial Toner


Toners help to revive your skin by removing excess oil and closing the pores. They are designed to be used after washing your face or at any time of day to refresh and rejuvenate tired skin. Some facial toners also help to repair irregular pigmentation and fine lines by infusing the skin with large amounts of moisture, improving both the feel and brightness of the skin and are a vital part of any modern mans skincare routine.

Men's facial toner is often overlooked; however, it is an essential step in a daily facial routine and comes in many forms, including lotions, serums, sprays, creams, masks and toning pads. No matter which type is used, they all have the same benefits: aiding your skin by removing shine caused by excess oil; controlling and eliminating the breakout of spots and pimples; preventing pores becoming clogged with grime and dirt, which in turn causes blackheads; refining skin tone and reducing pore size; refreshing your complexion; and soothing your skin after shaving, reducing redness and preventing irritation. Those you suffer from sensitive skin, oily skin and even dry skin can benefit from a toner. They provide a hydrating boost and calm blemishes using ingredients like chamomile, witch hazel, aloe, tea tree and rosewater. Alcohol-free toners are availble on The Modern Man for people who wish to avoid harsh chemicals and vegan options for those with specific requirements.

A daily facial routine involves a three-step process consisting of cleansing, toning and moisturising. After washing your face with your chosen face wash, pat your skin dry with a flannel or towel and apply skin toner for men. Depending on the type of face toner you choose, apply this with either a cotton pad or cotton ball. Once the toner has dried, apply your favourite moisturiser to complete your facial routine. When selecting your beauty routine products its important to think of the skin types, combination skin, acne prone skin, dehydrated skin etc. The Modern Man stocks something suitable for everyone that has been carefully selected from niche brands such as Emma Hardie, Dr Hauschka, American Crew, Intelligent Nutrients and Zelens.

A skin toner can also be used throughout the day. If you find you are experiencing excess grease, oil or shine, applying a skin toner for men can eliminate this problem and keep it under control by balancing your ph level. A light spritz of toner spray leaves skin revived at any time of the day by encouraging a radiant glow and healthy-looking complexion, especially when your skin is under attack from external aggressors and dry conditions. For these on-the-go moments, toner pads or sprays are ideal.