Aftershave Balms & lotions


Here at The Modern Man, we put a lot of stress on how important it is to prepare before the shave, and how vital certain products and ingredients are for during the shave. But the area that many men often leave forgotten about is post-shave. Just as having a good warm down after sport is as vital for recovery as having a good warm up is for preparation, it’s vital you have a proper post-shave routine too. Shaving removes a lot of moisture from your skin and can leave it feeling dry, sore or irritated, but with the correct post-shave practices and products you can reduce, minimise and prevent these problems.

Our Post-Shave range is wide and extensive, with many different types of products from lots of different companies. Whilst the products may seem very different from one another, and perform different jobs, they all come from big name brands who specialise in male skincare and shaving, so you know you’re getting premium performance.

First up, we have that post-shave staple, After Shave. Our After Shaves have exquisite fragrances and luxury scents, to leave you smelling fantastic after your shave. They’re made by scent giants like Pashana and D R Harris, companies with a rich history and heritage of creating the very finest smells.

Next up, we have after shave balms, which use natural extracts to provide cooling and soothing, relieving your skin of the irritation it may be feeling from shaving. Our after shave balms have been created by skincare experts like Anthony Logistics, BullDog and American Crew, companies who focus solely on men to ensure they deliver the very best results.

We also have alum blocks, which come in incredibly useful for if you happen to suffer any nicks or scratches during your shave, as they help seal and sterilise the wound so your face recovers quicker. The Modern Man also stocks a selection of After Shave Moisturisers, which have been specifically designed to provide you with the extra burst of hydration you need post shaving. These come from experience shave companies like Men-U, D R Harris and The Shave Doctor. Whatever you choose, our Post-Shave range will leave you feeling smooth and comfortable.