Aftershave Balms & Lotions


Here at The Modern Man, we put a lot of stress on how important the pre-shave routine is, and how vital certain products and ingredients are during the shaving process. We realise that many men often forget about the post-shave process. Shaving removes a lot of moisture from your skin and can leave it feeling dry, sore or irritated, but with the correct post-shave practices and shaving products, you can reduce razor burn, irritation and dryness.

Our Post-Shave range is extensive, with many different types of shave products from renowned brands such as LA:BRUKET, James + Jake and OSMA. Whilst the products may seem very different from one another and perform different jobs, they all come from big name brands who specialise in male skincare and shaving, so you know you’re getting premium performance.

First up, we have that famous post-shave staple, After Shave. Our After Shaves have exquisite fragrances and luxury scents to leave you smelling fantastic after your shave. They’re made by giants like Pashana and D R Harris, shaving brands with a rich history and heritage of creating the very finest scents on the market.

Next up, we have After Shave Balms, which use natural extracts to provide cooling and soothing, relieving your skin of any irritation caused as a result of shaving. Our After Shave Balms have been created by skincare experts like Anthony, and American Crew, who are focused mainly on men’s skincare needs, and are formulated to help you achieve the veyr best shave possible.

At The Modern Man, we also have a wide selection of Alum Blocks, which are incredibly useful to diminish any nicks or scratches that may occur during your shave, as they help to seal and sterilise the wound so your face recovers quicker. We also stock a selection of After Shave Moisturisers, which have been specifically designed to provide you with an extra burst of hydration. These come from experienced shave companies like Men-U, and D R Harris. Whatever you choose, our Post-Shave range will leave you feeling smooth and comfortable.

If generic aftershave isn't for you and you're looking for a close shave with limited irritation, check out our selection of shaving creams, shave gels and shave oils. We also stock safety razors, beard oils, beard balms + much more!

Some of our best selling Post Shave products include...

Proraso Italian After Shave Lotion Refreshing 100ml - Providing quick relief to skin suffering from irritation due to shaving, this aftershave lotion utilises a gorgeous healthy formula compiled of natural ingredients to truly refresh, letting its scent do the talking. Formulated with Eucalyptus, Menthol and Witch Hazel to provide an incredibly comfortable shaving experience.

Murdock Post Shave Balm 150ml - Featuring anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, this Post Shave Balm from Murdock keeps skin soft and smooth. Features Cocoa Seed Butter and Witch Hazel for a long-lasting moisturising effect to help combat dry skin.

The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm 150ml - Specially formulated with witch hazel, aloe vera and chamomile, this vegan friendly post shave balm is the key to keeping skin irritation at bay after every shave. With its non-greasy formula, it absorbs quickly into the skin to provide hydration and long-lasting relief from razor burn and irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Morgan’s Anti-Ageing After Shave Balm 100ml - Designed not just to soothe after even the most troublesome, nick-filled shave, but this post shave balm also grants more youthful results with every use thanks to its anti-aging ingredient known as Matrixyl 3000.

Proraso Italian After Shave Lotion Nourishing 100ml - This After Shave Lotion from Proraso far exceeds the normal capabilities of what post-shave fragrances can accomplish thanks to a natural formula that’s designed to soothe with efficacy. Utilises Shea Oil to deliver sumptuous hydration and moisture to your skin, whilst sandalwood provides a delicious scent.

Reuzel Astringent Foam 200ml - Designed to deeply cleanse skin, tighten pores, and promotes smooth, balanced skin. This oil free astringent & toner for men closes pores and leaves skin refreshed after shaving.

Whatever your post shave ritual may be, The Modern Man is here to help you find the perfect product to leave you feeling soothes and refreshed after shaving.