Whether you are naturally greying but don't think the silver fox look is quite for you, or you simply fancy a change from your usual shade, we have a mens hair colour for you.

With all the top brands such as Chill, Color Wow, Creative Image Adore, Renbow Crazy Color, Wella and many more, we can supply mens hair dye of all strengths, from long- lasting permanent colours to semi-permanent ones that will fade after a few washes.

If you want a natural look, Wella Professionals offers cool and warm blondes, warm red and brunette. Alternatively, Osmo Colour Revive offers natural shades such as Warm Chestnut and Cool Brown.

We also have products to give renewed colour to your roots as your hair grows. Colour Wow Root Cover Up gives instant camouflage to roots in blonde, shades of brown, platinum and black. Or you could try KIWABI's root colour, so packed with herbal and other botanical ingredients that they boast you could eat it.

We also stock a variety of lighteners if you want a fairer-haired look or simply want to aid the colouring process by giving your hair a light base on which to apply other shades.

Many of our brands of mens hair dye specialise in bright rainbow colours, so a huge variety of colour options are open to you. One of the easiest ways of giving yourself a new and exciting colour is to use the well-established brand Rembow, whose Crazy Color range certainly lives up to its name. Chill's Ed Stain range also comes in an array of vibrant, long-lasting colours, and if their colours aren't quite what you want, they are mixable so you can blend your very own unique hair colour.

Finally, most of our products avoid the use of damaging chemicals, so you even the most outrageous shades, it will still feel healthy, soft and natural.