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Compagnie De Provence

Moving with the times as more and more people step away from using bar soap, this luxurious skincare brand have been able to progress and create liquid Marseille soap. Distributed in an elegant glass bottle, this bestseller embraces vintage traditions with a modern twist. Using powerful, natural ingredients such as olive wood, black jasmine and fresh verbena, Compagnie De Provence have created an irresistible, aromatic range of products. An example of the best selling liquid soap is the White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap 300ml - suitable for daily use and gentle enough to be used as a shower gel, this beautifully scented cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and clean due to its high foaming ability. Coconut oil to cleanse and citrus overtones with a hint of white tea make this soap simply irresistible.

Stepping away from the traditions of Marseille and progressing on their skincare journey, they have now created a range of Compagnie De Provence Hand Creams to soothe the driest of skin all year round. Shea Butter Hand Cream 30ml has been a popular choice for decades because of its sweet yet neutral scents. Known for its moisturising ability, this cream is perfect for daily use; especially during harsher weather conditions. If you’re looking for a thicker texture, why not try the range of Compagnie De Provence Hand Balms? Suitable to be used throughout the day, everyday, this handy tube is perfect for giving your hands that extra bit of TLC.

It isn't just hands that suffer from dry skin, the rest of our body can also be affected. Bodycare is of great importance to this brand, who are now producing a range of body balms in similar, powerful scents that you have loved throughout all of their ranges; Incense Lavender Body Balm 120ml being a popular choice. Lavender is used throughout the entire skincare industry for its calming and gentle properties. Anise Patchouli Body Balm 120ml is also available as a hand cream, and is loved for its unique fragrance and the softness it provides to skin.

Moving away from skincare, Compagnie De Provence even offer home fragrance.

Some of Compagnie De Provence’s best selling products include...

Compagnie De Provence EP Aromatic Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap 495ml - Made using traditional methods, this Extra Pur Soap gently cleanses the skin and has a delicious fragrance of elegant lavender that has been created by expert perfumers in Grasse. Formulated using a trio of vegetable oils including sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, this product contains 95% natural origin ingredients.

Compagnie De Provence Black Tea Hand Cream 300ml - Combines the nourishing protectiveness of a high quality hand cream with the heartwarming goodness of tea. This cream uses shea butter to soften and protect skin with its vitamin goodness. Your hands will be left with a blackberry fragrance complete with notes of black tea.

Compagnie De Provence EP Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream 100ml - Hydrate and care for your hands with this Grapefruit Extra Pur Hand Cream. Applied immediately after cleansing, its light and non-greasy texture hydrates, soothes and helps to protect skin from external aggressions to leave hands cocooned in softness and comfort.

Compagnie De Provence EP Mediterranean Sea Liquid Marseille Soap 495ml - Featuring a delicious fragrance that transports you to the Mediterranean with notes of fresh sea spray and flowers that has been created by perfume experts in Grasse.

Compagnie De Provence Shea Butter Body Balm 150ml - A rich balm that intensely hydrates dry skin leaving it cocooned in softness and comfort. Formulated with nourishing fair trade shea butter, this body balm protects very dry skin. The soothing fragrance with delicate notes of white flowers over a sweet musk scent has been created by expert perfumers in Grasse.

Compagnie De Provence White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap Refill 1000ml - This Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Refill features a deliciously citrus fragrance with notes of white tea. The refill size is an ideal environmentally friendly companion to the White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap 300ml glass bottle.

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