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Compagnie De Provence

Compagnie De Provence was established in 1990 in Marseille in the south of France, a city with great ties to the history of skincare. The founders of Compagnie De Provence wanted to revive the traditions of the world famous Marseille soap, and its natural nourishing and cleansing attributes.

Everything about the products of Compagnie De Provence salutes the age old traditions of Marseille Soap, whilst giving it a new age twist for the modern market. Compagnie De Provence first and most popular product is made using natural vegetable oils and brewed in a cauldron, making Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille soap, packaged in an elegant glass bottle. One of our bestsellers is the Compagnie De Provence White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap 500ml. In a range of flavours there is a soap for you. A few examples would be Compagnie De Provence Incense Lavender Liquid Soap 500ml or Compagnie De Provence Black Jasmine Liquid Soap 300ml.

Using this mix of authenticity and progressiveness, Compagnie De Provence have developed a line of products beyond their classic liquid hand soap. The list of skincare products from Compagnie De Provence include scented bar soaps, shower gels, body balms, and hand creams, each coming with their own unique scent. If liquid soap isn't for you, why not give Compagnie De Provence Anise Patchouli Scented Soap 150g a try?

Enough of the bodycare range, our hands need care too! Compagnie De Provence EP Sweet Almond Hand Cream 30ml is perfect for relieving dry skin and making your hands feel refreshed! Alternatively shop the range of hand balms, strongly scented with a thick creamy texture, perfect for the winter months.

Not only have Compagnie De Provence created a trusted, beautifully scented with shea butter, pink grapefruit, black tea, cistus cardamom and so many more there is something for literally every Modern Man! Even those who aren't looking for a new shower gel but a gorgeously scented candle to give as a gift! Check out our selection on The Modern Man!

If there is too much to choose from and you simply cant make up your mind, give the gift sets a try? Some include Compagnie De Provence EP Wild Rose Soft Skin Set andCompagnie De Provence EP Pretty Hands Trio.