Tattoo Care


Tattoo Care

Caring for your skin is easy when you have your skincare routine memorized, however throwing a tattoo in the mix and it becomes slightly more complex. Certain ingredients and products may cause your ink to fade and loose the edge or worse, interfere with the healing process. When a new tattoo is healing, scabs form in a thin layer and eventually drop away revealing the fresh tattoo underneath is revealed. During this period it is important to remember your tattoo aftercare regime. Avoid direct sunlight, keep topped up with spf, don't sit in warm water for a long period of time, to be honest aftercare instructions seem a pain but that is why we are here to help! Captain Fawcett Tattoo After Care Cream 125ml features hydrating Shea butter, coconut oil and rice bran to provide your skin with the extra moisture your ink needs.

Also available on The Modern Man would be Electric Ink a well known tattoo aftercare brand that focus on keeping your ink vibrant and hydrated for longer. Their range includes the Electric Ink Exfoliating Body Wash designed to remove dead skin cells that ruin the complexion of your inked skin, while gentle enough not to ruin the tattoo artists masterpiece. Packed with Red Algae to leave your skin with a little extra luminosity and a refined complexion. For the well healed ink, why not try Electric Ink Defining Oilcreated to bring out the details of your tattoo and made with vitamin C to fight UV damage this spray will boost your skins shine and allow your ink to shine through! giving it a newer look than ever!

Also available on The Modern Man is L:A Bruket. A Swedish brand who focus on the environment around them to create organic skincare that helps our skin and tattoos no matter the weather! L:A Bruket Tatto Cleanser is an antibacterial soap that will gently cleanse the tattoo while hydrating it also! This cleanser is designed for every day use on your ink no matter what stage of the healing process it is in. Made with aloe vera, tea tree and lavender to calm, clean and heal! Just a thin layer of a href="{{config path="l-a-bruket-tattoo-daily-protection-70ml.html"> L:A Bruket Tatto Daily Protection will protect your ink when exposed to the sun. This wonder cream can be used as often as you like and is formulated with sunflower oil, avocado oil and sage to help cleanse and protect your skin all day, every day.

These are just a couple of the brands and products we have available! Also expect to see well known brands like Woody's. Whatever stage your ink is in we can help! say goodbye to touch ups and keep the ink you've got looking fresh all year round!