Lip Care


Lip Care

The lips are the parts of the body that lose most moisture, and men often suffer more than women in windy or cold weather, as their lips are not protected by lipstick. Mens lip balm needs to hydrate and be absorbed quickly. It is important that you look for quality ingredients in a lip balm or lip butter, as these can help to protect your lips, keeping them soothed and moisturised.

Everything Balm from Trilogy contains only natural ingredients and can be used to treat problems anywhere on the face or body, including chapped or sore lips.

We also stock Rosehip Oil Balm by Trilogy. This is available in a handy 7ml size and, as you would expect from the name, contains rosehip oil. Other ingredients include cocoa seed butter and peppermint oil to sooth soreness while the lips are moisturised. The manufacturers recommend continuous use of the balm to ensure that your lips remain intact and soft throughout the year.

Another lip balm for men is made by D R Harris. This specially formulated balm contains cocoa butter combined with cooling and refreshing menthol for instant relief for chapped lips.

Korres lip butters are available in many different varieties based on natural ingredients such as shea butter and rice wax so that they hydrate and sooth the lips in addition to protecting against damage from ultraviolet rays and bad weather. The butters do not contain preservatives such as parabens or ingredients like silicones or mineral oils.

Korres lip butter is available in Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Guava, Mango and Quince varieties, among others. They should be applied every morning and any other time they are needed to nourish and soften the lips. All the varieties of Korres lip butter have their own special fruit extracts, rich in different vitamins, so it is well worth researching which will suit you best. For example, people with sensitive skin may prefer the Jasmine lip butter, whilst others will choose the easily absorbed Mango butter.