Vegan Face

Finding the perfect face care routine can be tricky, there are so many factors to think of from your skin type to your personal needs such as vegan. A few years ago finding high quality vegan products was even more challenging but nowadays with the social demand for vegan products it is getting easier and easier with some of your favourite brands altering their focus and changing formulas to be vegan friendly, cruelty free and sustainable.

The Modern Man have an entire category that is easy to navigate wqhere you can find every product you need to create the perfect skincare routine. Starting with cleansers. Brands such as A'kin, Emma Hardie and Evolve all offer high quality and gentle face wash designed to remove impurities and dead skin cells leaving a smooth finish. Whether you're looking for a micellar water, foam cleanser, cleansing gel or a no wash we have something for you!

The next step in a high end facial routine would be a toner. A toner is used to combat blemishes and even your skin tone. Over the years toning products are becoming more and more popular among men especially if your skin is exposed to weather conditions that can alter the complexion. Dr Hauschka Clarifying toner is created with anthyllis, calendula and nasturtium to reduce excessive oil production and smooths skin irritations such as dry skin or sun damage. With 100% vegan ingredients and alcohol from organic wheat you can trust in this product.

Moisturising is an important factor to avoid your face feeling tight and dry. Dr Dennis Gross offer a range of facial moisturizers to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful. Produced with Pro Collagen ingredients to boost collagen production and hyaluronic acids to plump and hydrate the skin you can trust in this brand backed by science.

Why not check out our other vegan categories to find all of your other vegan skin care needs. For example body wash from Elemental Herbology, lip balms from Bali Balm, deodorants and even hair care needs!