Musgo Real


Musgo Real

This heritage Portuguese brand can trace its history back to 1887 when the original Claus & Schweder company began making fine gentlemen’s soaps for the aristocracy. In the 1920’s the name changed to Musgo Real, however, the tradition of excellence remained the same and indeed continues to this day. Offering a wonderfully sophisticated range of wet shaving products such as shaving soap, after shave balm, beard oil & more, Musgo Real effortlessly combine class and functionality to provide you with the very best shave possible.

Some of Musgo Real’s best selling products include...

Musgo Real Classic Scent Eau De Cologne 100ml - The first male fragrance created by Claus Porto in 1936, since then, it has become a symbol of masculine good taste. Combines notes of bergamot and neroli with the earthiness of patchouli leaf. The heart of the fragrance brings the strength of aromatic lavender and violet combined with the warmth of musk and vetiver.

Musgo Real Oak Moss Body Soap 160g - Start your day feeling bold and uplifted with this soap’s toning effect. Oak Moss holds a long-lasting woody mix of spiced, moss and hay. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils, this soap is enriched with walnut extract for an optimal moisturising effect, as well as an effective cleansing.

Musgo Real Black Edition Beard Oil 30ml - A bearded gentleman’s grooming routine is never complete without a good beard oil. Formulated with a blend of natural oils, this beard oil is lightweight, hydrating and infused with the elegant notes of citrus, cacao and spices, as well as vetiver and cedarwood for a truly sophisticated fragrance.

Musgo Real Orange Amber Soap On A Rope 190g - Start your day with new found vitality. This soap will make you feel energised and refreshed. Combines honeyed hints of petitgrain and orange blossom with zesty lemon and lavender. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils, it’s enriched with walnut extract. Each Musgo Real soap on a rope comes with the brand’s emblematic pure cotton cord, manually inserted by expert staff for a firm grip.

Musgo Real Spiced Citrus Shaving Cream Tube 100ml - Effective and functional, Musgo Real’s shaving cream is enriched with lanolin and natural oils to soften your beard, allowing for a smoother, long-lasting and enjoyable shave, ensuring the cleanest of cleanest cuts. Skin will feel fresh, soothed and replenished, as well as being lightly perfumed with notes of wood and spices. All of this in a charming, retro looking packaging.

Musgo Real Black Edition Eau De Toilette 100ml - Innovative and contemporary, this Eau De Toilette is unapologetically sexy and sophisticated. Building on nine decades of Musgo Real heritage, it’s a scent for those special moments.

Musgo Real Classic Scent After Shave Balm 100ml - Soothe and repair post-shave skin with this delicate emulsion, scented with lavender and vetiver. The fast-absorbing Musgo Real After Shave Balm is enriched with shea butter and essential oils to calm razor burn, leaving your skin hydrated and your face looking fresh and healthy. Comes in a handy traditional splash bottle.

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