Skincare is an ever changing part of our life. We care more and more now than ever before with most people looking for vegan, cruelty free and organic products. With this being a main factor to most consumers brands have began to alter their products to suit these needs. Whether you're looking for a cleanser, moisturiser or conditioner there is something for you on The Modern Man.

Vegan skincare is all around us but finding it can be tricky and with such a selection how do you know which is the best suited for you? it depends on skin type, skin need and what you wish to achieve from your products. Vegan products are well suited to sensitive skin due to there being minimal harsh chemicals, in most vegan products you'll find essential oils are the base ingredient. There are such a variety of skincare products available like day cream, night cream, toner, face mask, exfoliator, eye cream, the list is endless but on The Modern Man you will find it all!

We haven't only carefully selected our skincare products, but our hair care too. Shampoo and Conditioner that smell amazing, brightening ingredients to bring out your hair shine! and a great range of styling products. We have a range that cares for your face, body and hair.

Body care is equally as important and shouldn't be brushed aside. Beauty products relate to our entire bodies not just small sections. Our hydrating deodorants, wipes, body washes and even lip balms are cruelty free with absolutely no animal testing at all! To give you an idea of the brands available;A'kin, Bali Balm, Emma Hardie, Kings, Patricks, Intelligent Nutrients, Haeckels, Korres, Perricone MD and Dr Dennis Gross.

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