Shaving Soap

Shaving Soaps

Forget all about cheap aerosol shaving foam - you may as well use spray cream for all the protection and performance it offers. For a truly authentic and traditional shave, you want to use Shaving Soap. Made of luxury ingredients, and featuring delicious fragrances, a shaving soap provides a rich, thick lather which offers excellent protection to your skin whilst helping the razor blade glide across your skin.

The Modern Man stocks shaving soaps from a variety of luxury brands, including some of the biggest names in shaving like Edwin Jagger, Proraso and D.R. Harris. A quality shaving soap will generally contain the ingredient glycerin, which is derived from vegetable oil. This is vital for locking in water and keeping the skin hydrated during your shave, as well as helping the soap soften your skin.

Many come in their own jars, often made of wood, which you can form the lather in. To do so, wet the brush in hot water for at least a minute, so it absorbs plenty of moisture, then dab the brush in the soap and use circular motions to whip up a lather. The longer you whip the richer and finer the lather will become - as far as a smooth shave is concerned, the finer the better. You then want to apply the lather to your face, again using circular motions.

The common alternative to shaving soap is shaving cream, and the differences between the two are fairly slight. The main difference is of course the form they come in - soap is a firm bar, cream is obviously a soft liquid. Furthermore, shaving soaps traditionally offer a slightly slicker feel to creams, which proves particularly popular amongst men who practice straight shaving. Soaps generally need slightly less lather to cream, which means men with oily or combination skin often find them preferable to shaving cream. Choosing between cream and soap is mostly a matter of personal preference, and we recommend you experiment with each to find what works best for you. Whichever you choose, you will find they do an excellent job of preparing and protecting your skin, whilst leaving your face feeling soft and refreshed.