Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap

For a traditional wet shave, shaving soap is the way to go. Alternatively we stock shave gel, shave cream, shaving foam, shave oil and many more skincare and shaving products. For a sophisticated shave experience, shaving soap has always been a favourite; however, we understand men's shaving routines differ to the individual. The pre shave ritual makes all the difference to the experience of the shave, if you don't have one yet, why not check out our shave kits - perfect for first time wet shaver.

Shaving soap offers a rich, thick lather full of fragrance to suit everyone, whether that be natural ingredients for sensitive skin, or an intense perfume. Shaving soap offers excellent skin protection and hydration by assisting the razor blade in gliding across your skin, helping to reduce any discomfort such as razor bumps or razor burn.

The Modern Man stocks shaving soaps from a variety of luxury brands, including some of the biggest names in shaving, such as Edwin Jagger, Proraso and D.R. Harris. A quality shaving soap will generally contain the ingredient glycerin, which is derived from vegetable oil. This is vital for locking in water and keeping the skin hydrated, providing moisture during your shave, as well as helping the soap soften your skin and facial hair.

Many shaving soaps come in their own jars, often made of wood, which you can form the lather in; alternatively use a shave soap bowl. To do so, wet the shaving brush in hot water for at least a minute, so it absorbs plenty of moisture, then dab the brush in the soap and use circular motions to whip up a lather. The longer you whip, the richer and finer the lather will become - as far as a smooth shave is concerned, the finer the better. You then want to apply the lather to your face, again using circular motions. If you do not already have a shaving brush check out our selection on The Modern Man.

The common alternative to shaving soap is shaving cream, and the differences between the two are fairly slight. The main difference is of course the form they come in - soap is a firm bar, cream is a soft liquid. Furthermore, shaving soaps traditionally offer a slightly slicker feel to shaving creams, which proves particularly popular amongst men who practice straight shaving. Shaving soaps generally need less lather to cream, which means those with oily or combination skin often find them preferable to shaving cream.

Choosing between shaving cream and shaving soap is mostly a matter of personal preference, we recommend you experiment with each to find what works best for you. Whichever you choose and whatever your skin type, you will find they do an excellent job of preparing, protecting and hydrating your skin, whilst leaving your face feeling soft and refreshed.

Some of our bestselling shaving soap products include:

Proraso Italian Shaving Soap and Bowl Shea Butter 150ml - Refreshingly soft, whips up into a gorgeously rich lather that softens stubble with supreme efficiency. The beautiful scent is made all the more impressive considering how affordable this shaving soap is. The glycerin base is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Shaving Soap 150ml - Vegetable based, modern formula simulates the instantaneous foaming effect of traditional shaving soaps, while possessing all the healthy benefits learned about skincare in recent times.

D R Harris Arlington Shaving Soap & Bowl Mahogany 100g - Infuse each morning with shaving elegance. This luxury shaving soap softens the beard as well as any high tech formulation. The sturdy mahogany shaving bowl allows for an engaging, moisturising shaving experience, while the Arlington scent's blend of Citrus and Fern is refreshingly timeless.

Edwin Jagger Traditional Shaving Soap Aloe Vera 65g - Formulated with a unique combination of natural ingredients, enhanced with plant extracts to create a luxuriously smooth and lather for the perfect shave. Aloe vera is acknowledged to sooth and protect skin, helping to replenish and repair. Also available in Limes & Pomegranate, as well as a shaving soap refill.

MUHLE RN2AV Shave Care Porcelain Dish & Aloe Vera Shaving Soap 65g - Aloe vera extract in this MUHLE shaving soap is ideal for warding off irritation, whilst the porcelain shaving bowl retains heat excellently - great for lather whipping.

Arko Barber Shaving Soap 90g - Accompanied by a striking scent that's easy to fall for, the Arko shaving soap ensures every single shave will be one to remember. At excellent value, this soap lathers with ease, becoming thick and plentiful enough to provide a close, comfortable shave without irritation.

Check out our entire range of shaving soaps, as well as safety razors, aftershaves and other shaving products we have on offer at The Modern Man. Bring supreme comfort to your wet shave today.