What makes a house a home? the living room? the choice of wall art? or is it the little quirks? Whatever your style The Modern Man can help spruce up your home in the most simplest of ways. Featuring best sellers from brands such as Aromatherapy Associates, Compagnie De Provence and Haeckels.

Home decor is a personal concept, some people like a lavish dining room with a display towered on the dining table, wallpapers and hangings, others like simplicity - a couple of candles and some nice light features. Although we are not a furniture store, we stock many small home accessories that will help to make your house a home. Having a healthy home life is equally as important as your skincare routine, healthy mind healthy skin. Some of your favorite skincare brands also make for great at home decoration. For example, SA:AL&Co Hand Wash comes in a stylish aluminium bottle that adds a modern flare to any bathroom!

Our range of candles act like comforters with their aromatic scents, with patchouli, black jasmine and oak. Discover your favourite brands likeElemental Herbology home products today!