Bath & Shower


Skincare isn;t just about face cream you use, it stretches to your entire body. Skin can dry out and leave us looking tired, aged and not very healthy. That's why we have dedicated an entire section to bath and shower products to make sure you're spreading your skincare routine all over your body!

Using harsh chemicals on your skin can cause your skin to become acne prone and irritated, especially if you shave or use any other tool that can scratch away at your skins natural moisture levels. Our legs for example are put through stress whether that's due to the harsh weather conditions or hard labour its important to care for them the same way as every part of your body. Exfoliating is a great way to keep your skin soft and remove any impurities. In our Bath and Shower section you will find body wash products, shower gel and body scrubs, bath accessories to make bath time that little bit more luxurious for example bath salts and sponges.

To give you an idea of the brands we have available Electric Ink for our customer with tattoos, Compagnie De Provence, Elemental Herbology, Baxter Of California, Bad Norwegian and so many more!

We have something to suit everyone whatever their tastes. If you're looking for an organic, sustainably sourced and natural product why not try Haeckels. A brand making the most of their ocean surroundings, using seaweed for its skin benefits such as moisturizing and hydrating.

Many of our products offer an aromatherapy feel with brands such as Aromatherapy Associates and Dr Hauschka with their products being able to steam in a hot shower filling the room with scents of lavender, lemongrass, and other essential oils. Other brands offer more specific treatments with ingredients used widely for a number of skin conditions.

Our bath and shower section includes vegan and paraben free products, bath soak for those busy days when a relaxing bath is the only answer, bath oil to combat issues that come with dry skin and act as a conditioner, shower gels that are gentle cleansers suitable for every skin type and finally scrubs that are perfect exfoliators! If you're a shaver using a body scrub first can help achieve a close shave! check out our shave section for more information!