Face Scrub



Thanks to changing views towards masculinity and standards of grooming, there has been a great proliferation in the variety of different care products recently, with body and facial scrubs in particular seeing a great surge in popularity among many men. We stock a number of different types of mens face scrub products, with a number of options available to suit all types of skin.

The face is possibly the most exposed part of the body, which means it is in contact with the most environmental dirt and particulates. This level of environmental dirt can vary greatly depending on the location, but urbanised areas, with their increased traffic and industry, are among the most disturbing to skin. Even living outside of these kinds of environments is not a cast-iron guarantee, however, as we touch our face numerous times every day, spreading dirt, particulates and excess oils across from our hands. Moreover, due to the nature of our skin, dead skin cells can build up. All of these factors can lead to facial pores becoming blocked, which in turn can lead to oily, unhealthy looking skin in addition to associated blemishes such as blackheads and spots.

These are just some of the reasons that facial scrub for men is greatly beneficial. By using a suitable scrub, it's much easier to keep pores clear, resulting in cleaner, healthier- looking skin.

We have a number of scrubs available for various skin types, with offerings from Phytomer, Truefitt & Hill and even popular high street brands like King of Shaves. These include many options intended for both daily and weekly use ranging from pure exfoliants to scrubs with added moisturising benefits that are ideal for sensitive skin types. There are scrubs intended for purely facial use along with more general-purpose body scrubs, many of which are made from natural ingredients that are proven to be effective at exfoliating and caring for skin such as jojoba beads, volcanic sand and tea tree and avocado oil.