A good night's sleep can make all the difference to our appearance, mind set and physical health. Sleep deprivation can cause us to feel fatigued, dazed and confused, ill and it shows on our face. The Modern Man have a category based on aiding your good night sleep! and these products actually work! There are many ways you can help your body along when it comes to wanting a deep sleep.. here is how we do it!

Drinking tea is commonly known to help your body relax. We stock Niche Tea. A luxurious brand that formulate teas for every occasion. Why not make having a cup of calming tea part of your bed time routine and see the difference!

Sleep problems or sleep disorders occur because of a number of different causes such as bad being uncomfortable, feeling stressed, over tiredness, not finding the time to relax before you sleep. All of these factors can alter the sleep quality so even when you are sleeping your body isn't shutting off as much as it should. To fix these issues you need to put yourself in a better sleep environment. For this we would recommend Aromatherapy Associates. Light a candle and unwind to the calming scents that are released.

Finally, when you're relaxed you need to establish how much sleep you actually need, because having too much can cause the same issues as lack of sleep! On average adults needs between 7-8 hours of sleep - but this is an average and everyone is different.

When you know how long you should be sleeping for, go to bed and the last step in your bedtime routine is to use This Works, pillow spray! time release technology and soothing scents of lavender and chamomile this will help you drift off and your sleep cycle begins to regulate resulting in high quality sleep.

It isn't just about how you prepare to go to bed but equally how you manage your lifestyle throughout the day. Wild Nutrition offer supplements and with the right one you could regain your sleep pattern and sleep habits! try magnesium if you think this could help!