Shaving Brushes



Whether you choose badger brush or synthetic bristles, The Modern Man has identified a shaving brush as a vital part of achieving a quality shave. Forget everything you’ve seen in TV adverts for supermarket razor ranges - applying shaving cream by hand is not the right method to be using.

Using hands to apply shaving soap has the undesired effect of flattening the stubble hairs, making it harder for the razor blade cut them close, as well as more likely to cause discomfort or lead to ingrown hairs. This is where a shaving brush comes in. By applying your choice of shaving product with a brush, you lift your stubble hairs, allowing for a close shave. Not only that, but the bristles help soften your skin and remove dead cells, which helps improve comfort and reduce irritation, razor bumps or razor burn. Shaving brushes offer a closer, cleaner, comfier shave - they really are a must have.

In our range of shaving brushes, we have exquisite products from some of the most prestigious shaving companies in the world - including Edwin Jagger, Merkurand Parker - and new innovations from the latest trendsetters like The BlueBeards Revenge, Men-U and Antiga Barbearia. You have a choice of handle colour and material, with fine wooden models and sleek metal designs. And then there’s the choice of bristle material.

The long held tradition in shaving brushes has been making them out of badger hair. Not only do badger hairs provide a distinctive look, with the beautiful contrast of dark and light tones, but they’re soft and absorbent, making for excellent shaves. The hair comes in different grades - Pure Badger, Best Badger, Super Badger and premium quality Silver Tip. Pure Badger is the most readily available hair grade, offering a solid badger brush experience whilst remaining affordable - ideal for someone who is new to wet shaving. Whilst each step up offers an increase in both price and performance, Pure Badger brushes are still a worthy investment. Best Badger feels a little softer, but retains the ability to scrub, providing an excellent middle of the road brush - a real solid performer at a comfortable price. Super Badger hair generally does not require trimming or tapering, meaning the tips of the hairs are softer than lower grade hairs. Super Badger brushes are premium items, for men who want to add a touch of luxury to their shave. Finally, Silvertip - the softest, rarest hair grade. Exquisite quality, never colour treated and excellent for producing a rich lather, Silvertip is the top-of-the-range, perfect for the man who only wants the very best of the best.

Synthetic bristles used to not be held in much regard amongst shavers, but with the recent wet shave revolution has come advanced technologies and innovations, to the point where synthetic bristles not only compete with badger brushes, but in fact have significant advantages in some areas. Not only are they cheaper, but they absorb less product, making for a more economic shave and they also require much less care than high-maintenance badger.

No matter what brush you choose, you’re sure to find they help provide a sumptuously smooth shave.

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