Beard & Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax

Beards have had more than their fair share on this site with all the talk of beard oils and beard balms. So now it's time moustaches had their fair stay. Things you mostly want to consider when grooming your tache, would be combs for tidying, scissors for trimming, and absolutely positively most importantly, moustache wax for conditioning and styling. How you look after your facial hair is down to you, but we have discovered a great selection of moustache & beard products to make your grooming routine easier.

Similalry to a beard balm, moustache wax is of the same consistency and is perfect for styling. A majority of the moustache waxes that you’ll find on The Modern Man, and the male grooming marketplace entirely, will have a formula mainly comprising of Beeswax. This a great all natural product that allows this waxes to have such a strong hold when applied to you moustache, making them great for styling.Whether you just want to set it in place after brushing, twist it up at the ends, or style the hell out of it, beeswax will ensure the hairs stay in place.

Many moustache wax products will also contain a powerful hydrating, and moisturising agents that act as a conditioner, to keep the hair follicles soft and preventing any drying out. This can include a little aloe vera or some shea butter. With these ingredients, you’ll find the hair and skin beneath to be more nourished and less irritated for one happy tache eliminating dandruff and sensitive skin.

Beyond that, waxes can provide a more intense conditioning effect with argan oil, a sophisticated fragrance with a little sandalwood essence, or even have dye in them to darken the hair, for a fuller look.

For some of our favourite moustache wax products check out Edwin Jagger,The Brighton Beard Company, Hawkins & Brimble and Dear Barber. But to be honest, no matter which you go for, you’ll be on to a winner.