Razor Blades


Sharp. Solid. Striking. Double Edge Razor Blades are as iconic as the clean, close shaves they deliver. As part of our extensive Double Edge Shaving range here at The Modern Man we’ve made it our mission to compile a wide choice of razor blades, so that every man can find his favourite.

The Modern Man has seen a recent surge in popularity for classic styles of shaving, with Double Edge razors making a huge comeback - and with them, of course, the blades that go with them.

For those new to wet shaving, the sheer choice of razor blades is one of the many attractions that make it so appealing to men all around the world. Whilst they may all look the same, one brand’s blade will perform very differently to another brand’s blade. For instance, Japanese firm Feather are recognised as making one of the very sharpest blades on the market, which proves ideal for men with thick, coarse stubble who need all the cutting power they can find. However, for other men these blades prove too sharp, and they can be unforgiving on sensitive skin. For these men, blades from companies such as Astra or Derby are often more suited - whilst they are still of course razor sharp they are slightly more forgiving. As well as being a better choice for sensitive skin, these blades are ideal for people who are just learning the craft of Double Edge shaving.

This versatility and choice is not something men get with the sort of cartridge razors one finds in a supermarket. Not only that, whilst cartridge blades are eye-wateringly expensive, double edge blades are far more affordable with large numbers available for a very low price.

But it’s not just double edge razors that take double edge razor blades. Another key part of classic shaving’s comeback has been the rise of shavettes, which combine the timeless style of a straight razor with the affordability and ultra-low maintenance of double edge shaving. By using double edge blades snapped in half, they allow for a close style of shaving, whilst removing the need for sharpening and honing which can be an off-putting part of straight edge shaving.