Shaving Foam

Shaving Foams

Don’t be confused - whilst keen shavers may have heard horror stories about the poor performance of shaving foams when compared to other lubricants, these are not ordinary shaving foams. We don’t stock the cheap, whipped cream style, fluff that you’ll find on supermarket shelves and in unenlightened bathroom cabinets. Shaving foams stocked by The Modern Man are the real deal, providing rich, thick lathers from just a single small squeeze. They’re ideal for the modern man who is in a rush and has no time to wait for great results.

Many of our foams use a glycerin-base - the same ingredient you will find in the very best soaps and creams. Glycerin really is the key to comfortable shave, it’s a slickener which works to help the blade glide across your face and jawline for a smoother shave.

Our biggest brand of shaving foams is vintage Italian company Proraso. Proraso have been in the wet shave business a long time and are absolute giants of the industry. What sets their foams apart from the supermarket are the additional ingredients they include above and beyond the key lathering ones. Things like aloe vera, menthol, eucalyptus, macadamia oil and shea butter are all exquisite additions, which help gives their range of foams extra doses of hydration, nourishment and softening power.

One of the big draws of using shaving foam is the ease of use. Rather than need a multitude of tools and several minutes of time to create a thick, rich lather, foam gives you the protective barrier your face needs with just a shake and a squeeze. This makes it a great addition to your routine for when you need to look good, quick. One of the things to look out for when picking a foam is whether it is alcohol free. Alcohol is a common ingredient in supermarket range shave foams, but it dries the skin out, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and sore, so it should be steered well clear of.

Shaving foams from The Modern Man are chosen for providing premium results in a flash, for the real shaver who can’t wait to get on with his day.