Facial Moisturisers



There was a time when most men's approach to skin care was extremely limited. However, today men everywhere are beginning to take better care of their skin, and this is perhaps most apparent when it comes to the availability of care products such as mens moisturiser. We stock a varied range of some of the most effective products on the market, suitable for all skin types and needs.

Perfect skin is all about finding a balance. Dry skin, aside from sometimes looking unpleasant, can cause irritation, discomfort or even pain, depending on the severity. These negative effects are most keenly felt in winter due to the fact that the body secretes less sebum - an oily substance naturally produced by the skin - in colder temperatures. Sebum is invaluable, as it slows the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Aside from low temperatures, other environmental factors such as wind and rain, as well as things like stress and even genetic predisposition, can all play a part in causing and exacerbating dry skin.

This is why moisturiser for men is so important. By using suitable care products, it's easy to reduce the impact of dry skin, helping to keep it both looking and feeling good.

We stock a range of different types of moisturiser and body lotion for men that is broad enough to be suitable for all needs from various brands, such as Phytomer, Kaeso, Korres and Australian Bodycare. These are designed to suit all skin-moisturising needs, from facial and body-care products to cuticle oil, and they are suitable for daily or nightly use. There are tonics, body milks gels and lotions available that are free from parabens and mineral oils, which may be carcinogenic or full of impurities. Our products are made with natural nourishing ingredients such as grape seed oil, cocoa and shea butter and B vitamins, plus natural cleansers like tea tree oil for total skin protection.