Parker Razors

What is there to say about the iconic Parker Razors that hasn’t been said before? Pioneers in authentic shaving experiences, Parker specialise in all things classic, crafting solid, durable double edge safety razors, traditional single edge or ‘cut throat’ razors, as well as sleek, stylish shavettes. Just one look at a Parker razor tells you everything you need to know - the time, skill and effort that goes into making them is instantly identifiable.

Parker’s flagship is their Double Edge Safety Razor range, which combine heavy-weight feel with heavy-duty performance for all-round close shaving. Their iconic designs are unlike any other razor on the market, and a million miles away from the run-of-the-mill cartridge razors you will see advertised on TV and in the supermarkets. Their handles come in all shapes, sizes and designs, from classic chrome to long handled black razors, elegant wood effect and even intricate patterns and designs. Rather than a screwhead, many Parker razors feature a sophisticated butterfly mechanism for a smoother blade replacement method. Check out one of our bestsellers, the Travel Safety Razor with Leather Case.

As well as their highly sought-after razors, Parker’s range of badger brushes is the envy of shaving companies the world over. Their sleek, stylish handles come in a range of colours and materials, from elegant woods like Olivewood and Rosewood to solid chrome and striking black. Parker badger brushes come in a range of bristle grades, allowing you to find one that suits both your skin and your wallet. Not only do they help create a rich lather, but they also raise the stubble, meaning your Parker Safety Razor can provide an even closer shave than ever before.

Some of Parker’s best selling shaving products include...

Parker 31R Stainless Steel Cut Throat Razor (SR1) - Shaving advances needn’t be limited to brands packing in as many razor blades as possible. This Cut Throat Razor from Parker is one such innovation, maintaining the classic design of straight razors with renewed safety. Enjoy a traditional barbershop wet shaving experience with this Parker razor.

Parker 99R Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor - Pushing 4oz in weight, this Heavyweight razor from Parker is far from fragile. This gorgeous all metal razor is perfectly balanced with a crisscross pattern that’s inexplicably modern yet evocative of old world flair. The 99R is a wise investment when contrasted against that exorbitant refill prices of Mach 3 equivalents.

Parker 26C Three Piece Black Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor - Designed for the experienced or adventurous, this Open Comb Safety Razor from parker is a little more ruthless than your average razor. Provides an incredibly close shave that excels on tough and long beards, features a 4 inch handle and matte black design that encourages a stonger grip.

Parker 89R Heavyweight Three Piece Double Edge Safety Razor - The Parker Three Piece Safety Razor has been created to take full advantage of its lofty weight in order to produce the highest quality shave every time. The ergonomic handle includes a thumb cutting in the middle for a firmer grip in even the wettest conditions.

Parker 87R Short Handle Butterfly Safety Razor - Featuring the world famous Parker Twist to open head for a close, comfortable shave, this short handle razor has a beautifully patterned handle to provide a sure grip, even with wet soapy hands.

Parker 96R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor - With an incredibly attractive design, this Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor from Parker is one of the sturdiest and most reliable on the market. The razor’s brass frame and nickel plated head makes it a weighty but balanced option.