Looking after your body needs to extend beyond more than just eating healthy and going to the gym two or three times a week. Don’t get me wrong, they’re really important. But Michelangelo's David wouldn't be the masterpiece that it is if they didn't properly maintain its surface level exterior. No one wants to look at the statue of a naked man if it's chipped and got moss growing on it. No matter how sick his abs and hammys may be..

When thinking skincare, it’s easy to just focus on your face, as that's where those early signs of ageing can be most apparent, but the rest of your body can just be just as susceptible, especially your hands. They’re just as exposed to environmental conditions and stressors that keep them from their best, and are constantly in contact with objects and surfaces laden with impurities and free radicals..

Using one of the lotions or moisturisers we stock, specifically designed for these areas, will help keep them nourished and youthful. Locking in moisture and adding a protective layer. We also stock lotions for anyone wanting to nourish their skin, without dulling the appearance of any tattoos. Skin will be healthy and ink will pop..

There are also a number of products here to help control any man musk you think may be making social situations a little awkward. From fragrant soaps and washes to deodorants sticks and sprays that are great in a pinch. They'll have you smelling of invigorating citrus or indulgent sandalwood in no time..

Take a look around and check out the many other body-loving products we have available to help you look so good, you’ll make Michelangelo's David look like that kid David from school who ate pencil erasers.