Pre Shave


Achieve the perfect shave with The Modern Man’s pre-shaving range. For many men, shaving is still an uncomfortable chore, no matter how much time and effort is put in . Whether you style your facial hair or you're happy with stubble, it's a chore most of us have to do. While some may choose to forgo it and opt for the bearded look, there are many men for whom this isn’t an option - whether that’s down to their lifestyle, their career or their facial hair growth. Furthermore, even those who do opt for the beard will want to perform regular touch ups in order to keep their facial hair looking stylish and controlled.

Here at The Modern Man, we believe that those men shouldn’t have to suffer - shaving should be an enjoyable experience for all. This is why we’ve chosen a select group of products to make up our luxury Pre-Shave range. Our Pre-Shave range is ideal for those with particularly sensitive skin who need an extra dose of protection and soothing in order to get the most out of their shave. Our range consists of best sellers like Men-U, Baxter Of California, Proraso and many more.

Of course, there are many different skin types, and what’s good for one person may not be for another, which is why our Pre-Shave range features products of different consistencies and from different companies who specialise in different skin types. With products from market leaders such as D R Harris, Edwin Jagger and Proraso, we stock shaving products created by giants of the industry, including those who truly understand men’s shaving needs. With shave soap, lotions, pre shave oils and creams we have something for everyone, so you can find what works best for you in order to get the premium results you deserve.

For those of you with dry skin, you’ll want to check out our products that focus on hydrating and moisturising, as they provide the extra dose of moisture and lubrication that will help you achieve a smooth, comfortable shave. If you find that the razor is tugging on your hair and skin, then have a look for items that help soften the hairs to make them less coarse and easier to cut, or products containing ingredients such as glycerin which help the razor blade glide smoothly across your face and jawline. Check out our range of moisturisers which will help to prevent razor burn and razor bumps. With the correct pre-shave routine, you can achieve the close shave you desire with minimal effort.

Good preparation is key to good shaving. With blades that sharp, it is not something you can afford to take lightly, so picking the right tools for the job is vital.

Some of our bestseller Pre Shave products include...

Proraso Italian Sensitive Pre Shave Cream 100ml - This Pre-Shave Cream from Proraso is a fantastic means of readying your skin for shaving, making even the coarsest bristly hair super-soft. It also preps your chosen shaving cream by providing it with a lubricated base, improving the ease in which razors glide over the skin.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil 30ml - This sandalwood scented pre-shave oil from Taylor of Old Bond Street prepares the skin for shaving by adding an extra layer of protection between the skin and blade. The slickness of the oil also increases the razor’s glide.

D R Harris Arlington Pre-Shave Lotion 100ml - Full of nourishing ingredients, this D R Harris Pre-Shave Lotion aims to soften even the coarsest and toughest of hair bristles, allowing each pass to occur without issue for the most enjoyable of shaving experiences.

Cella Organic Aloe Vera Pre Shave Gel 75ml - This Aloe Vera Pre Shave Gel from the Cella shaving company prepares skin for shaving and prevents soreness, irritation and pain for a close, comfortable shave.

The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil 100ml - Soften stubborn facial hair and improve your razor’s glide with this lubricating oil. The blend of natural oils is a best kept secret when it comes to the art of a great wet shave. Vegan friendly, cruelty free.

Anthony Pre Shave and Conditioning Beard Oil 59ml - Take your beard to new heights of comfort and style. The slick oil formula features rosemary, basil oils and vitamin E, making it great for your skin.

Proraso Italian Pre Shave Cream Shea Butter 100ml - Shea butter helps combat the tightening and drying of skin during shaving, increasing elasticity and softening in the process. Glycerin forms the base of the cream, calming and soothing alongside Sandalwood Oil before and during the shave for the smoothest experience possible with true barber quality.

Now you have mastered your pre shave routine, check out our Post Shave selection and other shaving products, such as aftershave balms and lotions, shave cream, shave gel, shaving brushes shaving foam and many more skincare and shave products like face scrubs, hair styling products and beard oils for non-shavers.