Gym Essentials

Our gym essentials category holds everything your gym bag could ever need! Our gym bag essentials have been carefully selected to make your work out experience easier! Lets think.. what do you need in your gym bag? Deodorant? shampoo? conditioner? body wash? we have all of these from great brands like A'kin, Goldfaden MD , KIKI Health and Murdock.

We can't help you with your gym clothes, headphones or running shoes but we can certainly make your after gym experience luxurious, after all after a hard workout your body deserves a bit of luxury. That being said, your workout can be made easier with one of our water bottles. From brands like bkr. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and help your body alongside the planet.

If you're not a gym showerer and you prefer to just freshen up for your jouney home why not try one of our dry shampoo! the perfect accessory! Or maybe you prefer an entire home routine? with a cleanser, moisturiser and everything else you could ever need? Explore our range and discover the perfect workout routine for you!