When it comes to electrical men’s hair clippers and men’s hair trimmers, Wahl are quite simply the global leaders. Wahl are a household name for a reason, and it’s because for decades Wahl have been consistently setting the bar that everyone else aspires to.

Whether you want a hot, tight fade or taper, a professional power cut, or a close, precise trim and touch up, Wahl are the go-to for modern men around the world. Whether it’s professionals in their salons and barbers, or real men in their bathrooms, Wahl have helped cut, clip, trim and style the hair of millions of men around the world.

Wahl combine the latest technology with the durability and reliability that has seen them reach the pinnacle that they have. Whilst their corded trimmers are still the one and only for many professionals, here at The Modern Man we have found more and more normal men turning to Wahl’s range of cordless trimmers. In the past, cordless trimmers have struggled to keep up with their corded brothers, with not enough power or battery life. That is of course not the way with Wahl though. Their innovative designs have brought cordless men’s clippers and cordless men’s trimmers up to scratch, to the point they’re at now where their power levels rival that of their corded brothers. Wahl have also nailed battery life too, meaning not only do their trimmers and clippers last plenty long enough to get the job done, they also recharge quickly too, ensuring your Wahl is always ready to go.

Whether you choose to go corded or cordless, if it’s a trimmer or clipper you’re after, you won’t go wrong when you choose a Wahl.