Bath & Body Oils

Who doesn't like a nice relaxing hot bath after a busy day? The problem is finding the time in our busy lives to take that hour to ourselves and justify lying there doing nothing. The Modern Man are strong believers in down time and relaxing as any modern man needs that time to keep looking and feeling good mentally and physically, so we have carefully found brands and products to help you want to take that time and not need to justify it, allow it to become part of your skincare routine. Here is a little bit about our selection..

This Works, the brand name says it all, these products do actually work. Formulated to help you unwind, relax and fall softly to sleep allowing you to wake up fresh every morning! known for their pillow spray, This Works also have a range of luxurious skin care products that we know you'll love! With a selection of body oils created to hydrate and combat dry skin with a blend of rich ingredients such as 9 high-grade essential oils, pressed plant oils such as rose oil, tuberose for protection, sandalwood for its hydrating properties, when mixed together offer an anti-aging strong working body oil that will leave you revived after every use.

Aromatherapy Associates provide us with multi use bath & body oil that add a sense of luxury to anyones beauty routine. With products designed to be inhaled as well used on the skin these moisturizing oils created with chamomile, frankincense and rosemary calm your mind and body. Enjoy in a bubble bath or even as a shower oil - you won't regret it!

Bath oils are perfect for soothing muscles and softening dry skin whereas body oils or massage oils are great when worked into your muscles. Ingredients like sage, blackthorn and birch arnica are great at removing muscle pain, tighting skin and even toning. Why not try Dr Hauschka and leave your skin feeling nourished, healthy and relaxed.

Some of best sellers include L:A Bruket, Intelligent Nutrients, Elemental Herbology, Haeckels and many more!

If bath oils, massage oils or even shower aromatherapy isn't for you then why not check out or range of body lotions, bath soaks and body scrubs? embrace pampering!