Body Treatments

At The Modern Man we like to make your skincare routine luxurious from your facial treatments to your full body experiences. It has never been easier to create a spa day from the comfort of your own home. We have a range of products suited to all types of men, whether you're looking for a de-stress bath oil or essential oils used in a Swedish full body massage, we have your back.

Body treatments are forever changing with new technology and ingredients and we like to keep ontop of the trend. You can expect to find a carefully selected range of products in our Body range. For example body scrub, body wraps, toning spray, moisturisers and so many more home spa treatments for you to try!

Pampering should be an important factor in ones lifestyle but it can be costly and time consuming to stick to a spa ritual that is why we are strong believers in a spa experience from home. Why not try lighting some candles, have a hot bath and exfoliate with a detoxifying salt scrub to remove dead skin cells, massage your entire body with a firming and energising body oil to hydrate your skin and shut yourself off from the world.

You can expect to find brands such as Australian Bodycare,Elemental Herbology, Pashana and Radical.

Leave your skin feeling revived today and check out our specialist body products to even skin tone, smooth cellulite and brightening products chosen to help you feel like the best you possible!