Sun Care

Suncare should be an important part of anyone's summer routine. We are now more aware of the damage the sun causes to our physical appearance and even our inner health! Skincare is what we live for at The Modern Man and a great part of that is sunscreen, protecting our skin from the harsh UVB rays and UVA rays. Many brands offer a form of sun lotions these days, such as Ultrasun, Institut Esthederm and even Emma Hardie.

As mentioned of our best selling brands, Emma Hardie offer Protect and Prime spray enriched with SPF30 to be used as a lightweight, non greasy spritz that evens skin tone and provides protection. Other brands include more sun tanning products that are created to help you live in harmony with the sun, others more water resistant, broad spectrum spf sun creams that block out as much of the rays as possible.

Deciding which suncare product is for you may take some time, but trust me its worth it! and after all you have the whole of Winter to prepare.