Waste is a problem that plagues the beauty and grooming industry. From the fancy packaging used to entice buyers, to the needless plastic wrapping and leaflets inside, all of this inevitably becomes waste that festers out of sight.

This problem has now grown to the point where we can no longer ignore it by hiding it in the corner. Because the corner is already filled with waste. As are the cupboards, the attic, and the space underneath the bed.

We’ve seen first hand how bad it can get, so we’ve changed how we operate to help make a difference:

    - Our packaging is made from recycled materials
    - Our packages can be recycled, which we encourage customers to do
    - We even recycle other suppliers waste into our boxes
    - We’ve made huge cuts in the amount of paper we use as an independent business
    - We’re focusing on brands that are also working to make a difference

As much as we’d like to claim our actions have single handedly saved the world from inevitable doom, there's still more we all need to do.

As an independent company, we know how much more effective an organization can be when it's not tied down in the bureaucracy that’s common with large corporations. This is why we’re going to support independent organizations. Ones that can use our money to actually make a difference, instead of just make them look better on paper, as a board of old rich white men smuggly pat themselves on the back.

The Ocean Cleanup Project are developing cutting edge technology enabling humanity to clear our oceans faster and more efficiently.

A first glance, their advanced tech may just look like a big net. But it is so much more. Their “big nets” are deployed to the most affected areas of the sea, and from there they work autonomously to clear plastic waste from 1cm to 10s of meters in size, relying on the currents to guide them to where waste collects.

A full scale roll out of their system could see a 50% reduction in the great pacific garbage patch in as little as 5 years. This is why we're giving them the support they need to see this achieved.

Learn more at www.theoceancleanup.com

The Seabin Project focus on the waste that is affecting our local ports and docks. Their Seabins can be deployed to any of of these areas where it will autonomously float around, sucking sea water in one end and out the other, trapping any waste that passes through.

Just one seabin can collect 1.5kg of waste a day, including micro plastics that are 2mm small. Being able to properly dispose of this waste that is clogging up you ports and docks will drastically help to improve their quality.

Learn more at seabinproject.com

But it’s not just out at sea where we need to start taking action. The increase in carbon emissions and deforestation means that now more than ever we need to be protecting and aiding our woodlands. That’s why we’ll also be supporting The Woodland Trust.

The Woodland Trust have been working for years to protect our woods that are under threat, restoring areas that have gone through years of damage, and enrich the landscape by planting new trees. Since 1972, The Woodland Trust have planted over 38,000,000 trees, saved over 950 woodland areas, and put over 22,000 acres of ancient woodland under restoration.

But they don’t just take action, they also educate. Because to really make change we all need to pull together. The Woodland Trust engage communities and businesses, helping them to better understand the problem that faces us, and showing them how they can make a difference.

Learn more at www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

With the changes we’re making to our organization, and the support we’re giving to others, we hope to be able to make a difference. Any efforts you make will only make the task easier. So recycle, donate, educate and Look, Feel, Be Good.