Male grooming in the twenty-first century involves so much more than the traditional quick wet shave and towel-dried hair of the past. These days, there is a wide selection of electronic styling tools to choose from, and many men incorporate some or all of these into their regular daily routine.

Electronic styling and grooming tools for modern stylish men largely fall into three categories: they are used to groom either head, facial or body hair. Major brands, including Wahl, L'Oreal, Andis, Hairtools and FHI Heat, are the front-runners in supplying a product range which has everything from hair-dryers and straighteners to beard and facial hair trimmers.

Making time to get to the barber often enough can be a challenge, which is why so many men choose to manage their own hair. It is convenient, cheaper and easy to manage with a good-quality appliance at hand. For example, Andis clippers, which are available in both regular corded and detachable models, are a good option as they deliver a professional service at a fraction of the cost.

Facial hair is always more attractive when it is well groomed and trimmed, and the best results come from using an electronic styling tool which guarantees a precise and professional finish. The Andis trimmers product range features trimmers which are adjustable, perfect for styling either a beard or moustache, cordless, which is essential for travel or to keep at the office, and multi-speed, which can tackle wet hair.

It is easy to enjoy the experience of professional, salon-standard grooming in the comfort of your own home when you have reliable and powerful styling tools to hand.