Baxter of California


Baxter of California

Baxter of California are here to help you keep your grooming regime perfectly tailored to your needs, with the best quality products possible. Something they know more than enough about because they’ve been doing exactly this since 1965.

Originally Baxter of California started out just producing their Super Shape Skin Cream as they were unable to find the sort of skin care products that would provide the same level of nourishment and care to the skin already on the market. Judging by the success they were greeted with, they weren't the only looking for this sort of product.

They’ve now developed their skincare products so they can effectively offer every man a solution to their skin related problems. Toners to help rid oily skin of pore blocking free radicals and impurities, without adding excess oil. Invigorating body washes to cleanse the body the build-up of dirt and leave it with a refreshing scent. Facial scrubs with powerful exfoliating action to buff away dead skin cells and give life back to your complexion. Among the bodycare range you'll find Herbal Mint Toner 236ml, balance your complexion with no irritation. Aluminum-Alcohol Free Deodorant 75g and the Citrus and Herbal-Musk Cleansing Bar 198g.

As well as products for your skin, Baxter of California also offers you a range of haircare products to keep your hair nourished and well styled. Nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners that keep your hair soft, clean, and manageable, and enough pomades to style a wookie, for example Clay Pomade 60ml and Hard Cream Pomade 60ml.

And of course, no male grooming company would be complete without some of that good beard and shaving shizz. Baxter of California can perfect your shaving routine with their Super Close Shave Formula and After Shave Balm, for one hell of a close shave, and soft to the touch skin after.

Check out Baxter of California and start building your own perfect skin and hair care routine.