Dr Dittmar


Dr Dittmar is a styling specialist, crafting uniquely styled combs and brushes for head and facial hair, along with a range of beard care products. By using Dr Dittmar products, you’re ensuring your beard, moustache or hair are kept in tip-top condition, as well as helping them reach their true style potential.

The secret to Dr Dittmar’s success are the materials he uses. Rather than settle for cheap plastic, Dr Dittmar uses eloquent, luxury materials to create products that embody this too. Rosewood, buffalo horn and Shesham wood all feature in Dr Dittmar’s creations, ensuring his brushes and beard combs not only deliver unbeatable performance, but also have unique and striking designs.

The asymmetric design of Dr Dittmar’s short handledmoustache combs are particularly eye-catching, helping the modern men who use them to make clear statements about their style and sense, whilst the natural bristles in Dr Dittmar’s brushes care for your hair in a way that synthetic bristles will never manage. As for Dr Dittmar’s folding combs, what a marriage of design and style they are! Gently slotting into itself, they’re compact enough to be carried wherever, whilst stylish enough to suit even the most discerning of gentlemen.

Dr Dittmar are even stepping out from combs and brushes, and developing their own range ofHungarian moustache wax, allowing for easy styling, and locking in your fabulous looks all day long. TheDr Dittmar Gentle Beard Wash is ideal for conditioning your beard, keeping the hairs clean, healthy and well-nourished so you get the very best out of your beard.